Frequently Asked Party Questions

While this is possible it is not advisable as any delay in completing can impact on bounce-time. The ideal scenario for a smooth check-in is for a 24 hour Risk Ack to be completed by the hosting parent with all the guests names and dates of birth.

It is not advisable to delay adding guests until the day of the event as this could lead to disappointment should the park reach maximum capacity before the guests have been added.

This can also make food orders a hassle, we need to ensure we have adequate stock levels prior to the party to ensure we can cater to them

You can call and add on additional guests up to the Friday before your party. Call the Events Co-ordinator on 07739 383561 to add and pay for additional guests.

Yes, if your party is scheduled from 11am onwards, adults can be on the guest list.

Yes, you can, but our flight crew may well ask to check them to ensure the rubber grips are still functioning.

Yes, you can bring along your own decorations. Helium balloons would need to be already inflated as gas canisters are not permitted on the premises.

Yes, just give the Events Co-ordinator a call on 07739 383561 so we can add this to your booking notes & make the park aware of any facilities you may need.

Yes, but please only use standard candles as novelty ones can set off our fire alarms.

Yes, that option is available but why not avoid the stress and book a catering option from the onsite café. Details on Cafés can be found on the parks location page below;

Ryze Edinburgh

Ryze Dundee

Yes, we can - just let us know your needs.

Yes, but this must be done by the Wednesday before your party at the latest to allow for supplies to be ordered in. Call the Event Co-ordinator to add a catering package 07739 383561.

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