Fitness Classes


Bouncercise is our fresh 30-minute beginner fitness class. This is perfect for anyone new to exercise or gym shy. All fitness levels are welcome.

The class is cardio based with lots of jumping exercises. You will learn basic trampoline moves, and for those who want to try harder moves, there are options to do so during the class. The movements within the class focus a lot on your core muscles, which is made more fun by being on the trampolines! Alongside this, the class will get your blood flowing and you smiling!

£5.00 per class.

Wednesday - 6:30-7PM

**Edinburgh & Glasgow**


Ryzercise is our 1-hour advanced class, this one is for you if you really want a challenge! The class is an all-rounder, aimed to benefit as much muscle groups as possible.

The class will consist of jumping while doing specific manoeuvres to get your heart-rate going. This type of work-out will really help develop your core muscles and will help strengthen your leg muscles, because who doesn't love squats? Partner work will also be included in the class. You will attain a wide range of benefits from participating in this class, including increased strength, stamina and endurance. not to mention the trampolining is good for the soul too, and you will leave feeling happier!

£7.50 per class

Wednesday - 8-9PM

**Edinburgh & Glasgow**


"Ryze & Grind is the UK’s newest and best fitness phenomenon! You’ll be getting fit and having fun all at once, burning around 1,000 calories an hour during the process! Action packed fitness incorporating free jumping. Think dark room, laser lighting, banging tunes and fitness routines. Unlike any fitness class you have attended before."

£7.50 per class

Mondays - 8-9PM

**Only in Edinburgh**



Our BRAND NEW Ninja Training class is about pushing yourself to the next level! This high-intensity circuit training class utilises our ninja obstacles and other areas of our trampoline park. The exercises included in the class will involve and focus on your upper body and core strength while improving coordination and stamina. You will burn some serious calories and learn some awesome moves. 

'You will leave the class with an 'I just did that' feeling! - Guest Review

£7.50 per class

Mondays - 6:30-7:30PM

**Only in Edinburgh**